Company History

KC Holdings was established as an independent trading company in Kaduna, Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1974. Since then KCH has grown to become a major player in the sourcing and supply of spare parts for processing plants not only in Nigeria but all around a world. KCH has played a major role particularly in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria.

Soon after humble beginning in 1974 KC Holdings has diversified into an integrated engineering company, offering a wide range of services to various sectors of the Nigerian economy. In 1984 planning and engineering services were incorporated into the company operations.

We have undertaken projects in several parts of the country with widely differing climatic, cultural and economic environments.

As each project differs from similar ones previously executed a high degree of flexibility has been required to identify and implement technical solutions relevant to the project while using appropriate technology within agreed economic guidelines.

The flexibility together with the diversity of our experience has enabled us to match our services closely to the needs of each of our clients among which have been governments, public service authorities and private organizations.

The company is completely indigenous, rendering engineering construction services and contract management nationwide. The need for indigenous participation in the engineering industry as envisioned in the Local Content Policy of the government prompted our diversification into engineering services.