Our Projects

Client: Gombe State Water Board.Gombe State
  • Drilling of wash bores and Various locations wells For Gombe ADP (100Nr) Gombe State
  • Drilling of 10 specialized tube Various Locations Wells Gombe State Client: Gombe State ADP
  • Drilling of Wash bores tube wells Katsina ADP (150 Nr) Various Locations
  • Construction or Road: Zango- Yardaje Zango LG (6) Client: Zango Local Government Council, Katsina State
Client: Mashi Local Government Council Katsina State
  • Construction of Road; Tashar KukaMashi, Tamilo (3km) Client; Mashi Local Government Council, Katsina State
  • Construction of Batsari, Town Water Supply, Project involving drilling of bore Batsari Holes, booster station, storage tanks and pipe Laying.
Client: Ussa Local Government Council
  • Rehabilitation of Rigafada small earth dam Kumbotso,Client: Kumbotso Local Government Council Kano State
  • Renovation of Office Building for Kaduna State Govt. Kaduna State
  • Pavement and Surfacing of Utai road Utai Client:Wudil Local Government Council Kano State
  • Drilling of Borehole at Federal Housing Estate, Abuja, FCT
  • Drilling of Borehole and Construction of Generator House at Police Barrack, Gombe State
Wukari Water-Supply Project Taraba State
  • Wukari water supply schemes are upgrading the total water supply to wukari town by 50% to 20 000 m3/day.
  • A total of 11 new boreholes have been drilled each with a capacity of 90 m3/h.
  • The high lift pumping stations have been equipped with additional pump, switchgear and controls.
  • New generating sets of 1000 kVA rating have been installed.
  • Balancing tanks of 350 m3 capacity have been installed.
  • Rehabilitation of 10 km of DN 450 A.C. Mains together with additional installation of 5 km DN 300 DCI pipe work is connecting the water works to wukari water networks.
Design and Engineering for the replacement of
  • Storm Water: Flat roof areas including; complete piping works, roof gullies, ridge roof areas, storm water pumping station.
  • Sewage water: Pipe collection system all areas inclusive down pipes trough the complete building, sewage water pumping station.
  • Portable water: In all areas inclusive riser pipe work through the complete building, potable booster pumping station.
  • Fire Fighting: Complete sprinkler system hose reel cabinets and pressure pipe work for the complete building, fire water pumping station, valves and control.
Keffi Water Project Nasarawa State
  • Supply Line under Construction
  • The potable water intake into the devi or is by a DN 700 DCI pipeline.
  • Two separate basins are controlled by regulating weirs.
  • Controlled discharge over the weirs are 0.441 m3/s to Keffi town via a DN 600 DCI pipeline and 0.249 m3/s Nasarawa town also trough a DN 600 DCI pipeline.
  • The inflow into the devisor is regulated by a needle valve DN 700 PN 10. The outflow is regulated by gravity only.